Growing an Anti-Racist Company

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It's time for self-reflection, honesty and action.

I don’t want to live in a world where murders such as those of George Floyd and Breonna Taylor, among far too many others, happen. I don’t support a system in which the future health, security, and opportunity of a person is heavily weighted before they are even born depending on the colour of their skin.

As a storyteller, teacher, and business owner, I believe that I have power to shape and change my world. Therefore, I’m responsible for the world created. It’s time for self-reflection, honesty and action.

I commit to creating and leading an anti-racist company that actively challenges racism and promotes inclusive cultures and practices.

To ground and feed this work I will better educate myself in the history of our country and its colonial past. I will learn about and listen to Black and People of Colours’ experiences and perceptions as recounted first-hand.

I’ll begin with myself – I’ll recognise my own privilege and prioritise listening to people who do not share the same privileges.

I’ll be ready to identify my faults and mistakes, and not give up because I’ve got it wrong. I’ll work to unlearn and re-learn – rehearse new ways of being.

I’ll create inclusive practices in my company actions, the content of my work, and relationships. I will learn how to do this by undertaking my own training, volunteering and research in these areas.

In my work with individuals, workshop participants, students, fellow artists, and audiences, I will model behaviours and champion stories which value human beings of every race, nationality, sexual identity, gender identity, economic status, ability, disability, religious belief, disbelief, and age.

I will seek opportunities to ally with Black and People of Colour working in the same areas as me and in the area of anti-racism work.

I will acknowledge, respect and celebrate difference as well as that which unites us.