Reality is a narrative woven in the mind


Stories from then and now, crafted and craftily told.

For theatres, village halls, pubs, tents and fields.

You have two minutes before leaving home forever. What do you pack?

And what do you take that’s unseen? What songs do you hold in your heart?

Their vibrations carry an essence of where you come from, who you are. They permeate generations and when you find yourself in another time and place, they ignite your heart and carry you home.

A solo performer crafts a painful, beautiful and rousing tale. Through embodied storytelling that flows between speech and song, Seedbed Theatre unfurl a bastardised heroine’s journey infused with acapella melodies of the British Isles.

Atmospheric, Poignant, Compelling, Timely

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Created by Jennifer Kidd

Musical Direction & Compostion by Jon Daffydd Kidd

Premiered as part of the RADA Festival

Dedicated to Cara Thompson & in memory of Derek Richards




A girl is struggling to grow up on an island with her father and adopted brother.  When a ship is wrecked near the shore and survivors make their way onto the island, her world is thrown into a glorious kind of chaos.

A thirty minute, liberal re-telling of Shakespeare’s The Tempest, told from Miranda’s point of view.