A meadow conservation project – clearing scrub to encourage wildflower regrowth to support a rare butterfly population. I asked the expert when they would sow the seeds necessary for the flowers and grasses to return.

She said they didn’t need to sow the seeds, they were already there, beneath the earth. The historic seedbed would have persisted and given the right conditions to thrive, the grasses and flowers would return naturally.

This seemed an inspiring analogy for the possibility within each of us which, given the right conditions, has limitless potential to blossom no matter how long that potential has laid dormant or what damage has been endured.

Seedbed cultivates possibility through storytelling, coaching, and business workshops.

Jenn KiddI’m Jenn, the founder of Seedbed Theatre. I’m a theatre-maker and performance coach.

I’ve toured Britain, Europe and America as an actor, collaborated with some of our finest storytellers, and seen plays that I’ve written performed on the professional stage. Alongside this, I’ve coached and trained a clientele of inspirational business people in performance and storytelling skills for over a decade.

Seedbed Theatre is the home I’ve created to bind my storytelling training and experience with my passion to cultivate possibility and make change.

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I hope to sow a seed with you soon!

Jenn Kidd