We create connection through effective storytelling.


This might look like coaching an individual or training a team to tell their story more effectively. It might also be a performance or storytelling experience with an audience.


Clearing scrub to encourage wildflower regrowth, to support a rare butterfly population. I asked the conservation expert when they would sow the seeds necessary for the flowers and grasses to return.


She said they didn’t need to sow the seeds, they were already there, beneath the earth. The historic seedbed would have persisted and given the right conditions, the grasses and flowers would return naturally.


I found this hopeful and inspiring. It resounded with my belief that everything we need to be all we can be, and to do all we can do, is already within us. It’s about communicating to the outside world what already exists inside us.


This truthful communication is what connects us to others and enables us and them to flourish. And the way we communicate and connect as humans is through story.


I’m Jenn, Founding Director of Seedbed Theatre. I’m a theatre maker and performance coach.


A career of theatre-making, collaborating, coaching, and facilitating has gifted me the opportunity to learn first hand about telling stories (both what you say, and how you say it), in order to drive change in wildly different contexts.


Seedbed Theatre is the home I’ve created to bind my storytelling experience with my passion to cultivate possibility and make change.


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